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About the Aircraft Collection

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The Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection is housed in a beautiful, modern building southwest of Oslo Airport. The collection consists of more than 30 historic aircraft, and give a unique insight into Norwegian military aviation, with several rare aircraft from World War II. A complete collection of jet fighters which served with the Royal Norwegian Airforce during the Cold War years is also on display.
A volunteer foundation, The Military Historical Forum of Eastern Norway, is responsibly for the collection display and all other services provided to our guests.

The Aircraft Collection, owned by the Norwegian Armed Forces, has been brought together and restored over a long period of time. The work has mainly been undertaken by groups of volunteer enthusiasts. The Armed Forces Museum directs the restoration work and is responsible for maintenance of the Collection.

The Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection offers the public, regardless of age, insight into the cost and sacrifices of securing peace and freedom during Norway`s modern history.

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